Euro Sino Invest is growing

Increasing demand for space ESI had to experience by themeselves, how hard is it to find adequate office space in a good location in a first tier city in China. After months of looking for new spaces, ESI finally signed the contract for adequate office space. „Eight years ago, it was conventient and relatively easy to find residential and office space“, said ESI CEO Florian von Tucher. However, the real estate prices have been rising tremendously with the growing economy. Adequate residential and real estate space are hard to get in the Chinese capital. The new office comprises 285 sqm and offers enough space for around 40 employees. Furthermore, the location is very convient. The address (No. 8 Dongdaqiao Road) lies in the heart of Beijing in „The Spaces International Center“ in the middle of the economic and financial center (CBD) between two important ring roads and is very well connected to two subway stations. Moreover, Euro Sino Invest has two more offices in Shenyang. Altogether ESI has 80 employees in China.


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