Florian von Tucher new Chairman of EUCCC in Shenyang
Our man at the EU chamber on the spot

Florian von Tucher, CEO of ESI, has been living and working already for nine years in China. He is very well connected in business and society.

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) elected him now as Chairman for the section North-East China. Together with the Vice Presidents of Siemens Ltd., China, BMW Brilliance und Michelin, he represents the interests of the EUCCC, and therefore of Euro Sino Invest, in Shenyang.

The Chamber of commerce is an independent, non-profit representative of the European economy in China. The target is to seek greater access to the Chinese market, companies, authorities and media. Members are renowned companies of the German (and certainly of other European) economy.

You can find the local board members on the following link: EUCCC


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