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Extra: Shenyang

As Euro Sino Invest’s investment objective, the aspiring 2nd tier city Shenyang offers especially attractive investment opportunities. Shenyang is the province capital of Liaoning and the most important traffic junction as well as the largest city of northern China. With around 8 million in population and its surrounding area consisting of an additional almost 13 million habitants, the city disposes of a tremendous amount of unexploited potential.

Shenyang is one of the most popular locations for heavy industry and also known as “homeland of machines”. Being a versatile industrial city, which makes use of its dynamic industrial base as a motor for future growth, Shenyang primarily focuses its production activity on chemicals, automobiles, tires and machine tools. Based on the fact that Shenyang has a diversified economy, which is mainly dependent on the domestic market, this continuously growing city is considered a "safe haven" for investments. One indication for this is BMW, one of the 50 leading German firms (such as BASF, METRO, Fischer, Leitz, Braun, etc.), located in Shenyang and exclusively expanding its production and plants there.

The Shenyang residential market offers many advantages and is in comparison to China’s 1st Tier cities undergoing solid development. With a relatively low but stable growth rate in the past 10 years, Shenyang made first place for most solid development in the residential construction sector, nominated by the National Construction Ministry.


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