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China is the cultural area of an ancient civilization and with over 9.6 million square kilometers the state with the largest space in Eastern Asia. China is a country of history and traditions. However, its development focuses clearly on a modern future.


Beginning as a developing nation, China thrived quickly to a fast growing emerging country, which combines an attractive investment environment with a tremendous growing economy. All areas of the social, political and economical life in China are changing. These changes not only give the impression of China getting more powerful in the international community but also offer a variety of possibilities to invest in this country. The more the globalization proceeds the bigger is the progress regarding potential, stability, infrastructure, price level and production volume. The Chinese market is most attractive due to the symbiosis of these components.

Country data
  • Area: 9,597.995 sqm (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Population: 1.39 billion inhabitants (2014)
  • Capital: Beijing
  • GDP 2014: 10.027 billion USD
  • GDP per capita: approx. 7,332 USD/ year
  • 350 million people are expected to move in the cities until 2025, more than the whole
    population of the US.
  • The demand for apartments will increase tremendously.
  • 122 cities already have more than 1 million inhabitants.
Formation of a new middle class 
  • Increase of the income per capita of approx. 8 % in the last 30 years.
  • Currently approx. 250 million inhabitants of China belong to the middle class. It is expected that this figure will increase by 100 % (approx. 40 % of entire population which is equivalent to half a billion).
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