Corporate CultureUnternehmenskultur企业文化
Corporate Culture

"Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"


This phrase rings particularly true nowadays in a time of rapidly changing markets. The seismic growth of China’s real estate market in recent years means relevant conditions are in a constant state of flux. Only companies such as Euro Sino Invest, committed to high quality planning and corporate responsibility, well prepared and able to react on these challenges properly, can be successful.

Our central statement, “protecting the investment of our customers”, guides us as we identify which projects will be most sustainably profitable; providing an advantageous trade-off between risk and return. This, combined with China’s dramatic growth and our company’s rich experience, help us to succeed in challenging but highly profitable Chinese markets.

As the first European developer and asset manager in China, our primary aim is to build green homes and office space that are both comfortable and sustainable. We rely on our dedicated, innovative employees who stand as the foundation of our continuously growing business. Our success would not be possible without teamwork, efficiency and a bold entrepreneurship. That is why we are fully prepared to seize the opportunities and master the challenges together presented to us by the dynamic Chinese real estate market.

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